Since 01/2021 Durlach Industrial Equipment GmbH has been an integrated as a part of Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge Vertriebs GmbH.
The “Durlach” brand has stood as a subsidiary of Peddinghaus hand tools since 1996 and offers a full range of quality forged vices.

Best steels are forged in huge moulding-blocks before the workpieces are perfectly finished and welded together. This vise is now unbreakable. Accurate hardening of the anvils and the jaws ensure a long working life even under the harshest conditions. With the adjustable guide is an easy slide always guaranteed.
The special highlight of most vices is the protected MDS-system. It ensures in a simple way that the key spindle can be replaced by a ½ “driven tool, such as a ratchet. Over the front jaws outstanding workpieces, which would prevent a complete turn of the spindle key occurs a problem very often. Today with this system the use of a ratchet will solve the problem very easy. A very practical solution that you don’t want to miss as you got it once.

We expect that a large number of these vices produced by us will be bequeathed over generations.

The latest members of the Durlach program are forged anvils in a superior quality, you will not find easily somewhere else around the globe. Also new are the plate and steel scissors, which close a neglected market-niche.